My Visiting Doctors makes house calls to home-bound patients with a focus on patients with complex and chronic medical conditions.

My Visiting Doctors brings the physician’s office to the comfort, convenience and safety of your home.

Our focus is on patient-centered care by providing quality healthcare with extraordinary personal service by our staff.

We accept most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. We offer Self-Pay options and TeleHealth options with easy payment plans

Non emergency conditions

Pay-per-time slots; no insurance required!

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Quick appointments with doctors & healthcare professionals

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Let’s see
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Wide range of
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Here are some of our most effective clinical use cases for Primary Care Providers using telehealth:

Chronic Condition Management

We provide care for conditions requiring either multiple visits a year or regimented treatment plans.

Wellness Exam Follow-Up

You can now carry out wellness exams remotely. From blood work to healing tips, we’ve got you covered.

Review Screenings and Abnormal Labs

We will review abnormal lab results with you, offering solutions during difficult, confusing times.

Minor Urgent Care

We can offer you access professional, medical advice from the comfort of your home. 

Manage Medications

Manage and adjust medication without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Offer Counseling Services

Let’s help you map out plans for self-care and an optimized lifestyle!

Some of our staff and our practice

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Start the journey to quality, affordable primary health care by registering with us! We verify your insurance details, and you can start booking appointments from the comfort of your own home!

We are dedicated to taking care of you, partnering years of skill and medical practice with empathy and care.
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Please note that we are closed between 1pm to 2pm EDT everyday for lunch.

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From minor urgent care to chronic condition management, we keep our promises of excellent medical care, compassionate nursing, and a commitment towards a healthier lifestyle for you.

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About Us

My Visiting Doctors bridges the gap between you and exemplary healthcare. We are the alternative online care service for medically necessary, non life-threatening conditions where patients are unable to get to their primary care physicians. Let us take care of you from the comfort of your home!

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